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Illustrated Children's Books

February 1, 2014 - "Marshmallow Monkey" by Amel Alchaar  Not published to date

August 19, 2014 -  "A Hurt In My Heart" by Kim S. Holdiman   Tate Publishing

"David's work is amazing and has made, "A Hurt in My Heart" come to life! This was my first book and he was so patient with me. It has been an absolute blessing and joy to work with him! His finished product speaks for itself! The process was smooth and without issue! Being a new author, he really helped me throughout the process so I felt comfortable and even confident as we went along. He kept me informed with where he was in the process and communicated well throughout! Everyone who sees the cover wants to open the book, partly because of the title, equally because of the beautiful illustration that cries out to them. Every person who has opened the cover is awed by the beauty of the illustrations inside! The project was completed within the time frame we had agreed to. God willing, I will be using him again, as I can't imagine using anyone else to illustrate my books in the future!"

March 3, 2015 - "Finding The Way Home" by Melissa Tate   Mascot Books

​"I just wanted to say how lucky I feel that you were available to illustrate my book.  You were dead on with what I had envisioned and I can't thank you enough.  Everyone who has seen the book have commented on how wonderful the illustrations are.  My story would not be the same without your wonderful illustrations."

Oct 6, 2015 - "Goodnight, Penn State" by Rosenberger, Laura H. and Horst Rosenberger, Gloria    Mascot Books

August 4, 2016 - "Best Day Ever" by David Gnass   Kindle ebook

This is the first book that I both wrote and illustrated. 

April 24, 2017 - "Niko and His Magical Earmuffs" by by Danielle DiGiorgio and Steven Formaro  Mascot Books

July 4, 2017 - "Penny's Adventures" by Kelli Sweet   Mascot Books

I have also produce illustrated works for private clients in the USA, Australia and Canada.

I have also illustrated several books for self published authors in the USA and Australia.Type your paragraph here.